Fun cardio dance workout and learning on skates

Skate Fitness

  • Dance your way to fitness while getting better at skating -- in Washington DC.

  • Whether you're learning to skate or ready to improve your skills, our program will take you to the next level.

  • Use our program to get fit, go the distance on the skate trails, or build your balance and agility to perfect your adult night skating skills.

Offer our fitness class at your facility

Space Friendly

  • Attention facility managers, want to bring an exciting and unique new class to your community? We bring the equipment to adapt the space you have.

  • We protect your space: like a yoga class, we put padding down to protect the floor and define each skater's workout area.

  • Your insurance or ours: our coaches are certified and insured through SkateIA the Skate Instructors Association, and teach at a full service skate school.

Dial into the Ideal Skate-Cardio Combo


  • New to skating? Use our high friction carpets to build your confidence on skates while moderating your workout. Or power skate on a high rolling, low friction mat to perfect your moves and balance.

  • First time with us? Take an easier workout and follow along to get familiar with our choreography, we'll bring the loaner skates & pads. Or plunge into an advanced class to get the cardio workout you're craving.

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Start Sweating

  • Times and Locations are coming soon, we'll maintain a list on this page and via our newsletter.

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